What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching? 

Health Coaching that takes a holistic, person-centered approach, blending the science-based principles of Functional Medicine, nutrition, mind-body medicine and positive psychology with the art of coaching to empower people to achieve their highest well-being.




Best You in 2022 Vision Board Your Goals

 Want to jump start your 2022?  Join us for an interactive workshop, where you’ll learn about the growth mindset, modifiable lifestyle factors, character strengths, and goal setting. Then, put your learning into action to create your Best You in 2022 vision board! Let your creativity flow and create your own unique Best You vision board!   Ages: 16+, Length: 1.5 hrs



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                    3/4    Friday 5:30pm    virtual   $28



Power Up Your Brain: Strategies to Optimize Your Brain! 

Interested in learning how to optimize your brain? In this workshop we’ll explore key lifestyle factors that impact brain health (sleep and relaxation, exercise & movement, nutrition, stress, relationships & community) and how to maximize them for success, research-based strategies that support brain health, and how you have the power to modify your lifestyle to maximize your personal wellness.

Ages: 16+, Length: 1.5 hrs                                                   


 Eating the Rainbow: Have Fun and Be Healthy 


Looking to introduce more healthy color (and phytonutrients) into your family meals? Wondering how to make it fun, no-hassle, and interactive for you and your kids? Look no further! In this family workshop, we’ll have fun learning about the benefits of “Eating the Rainbow”, how to get more phytonutrients into your family’s meals, and showing your child how to use the fun Phytonutrient “Rainbow” Checklist to empower him/her to eat more colors of the rainbow at each meal!  Everything is provided, just come learn and have fun together! 

Ages: 4- 10  (Parents attend free), Length: 1.5 hrs 


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Go! Gaithersburg Winter Sessions 

Discover and Learn. Sign-up today! 

                                 Gaithersburg RecXpress:

Workshops taught by Mandy Tumulty

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Create Your Amazing You Vision Board!  

Enjoy using images to communicate your interests, dreams, and goals? Join us for an interactive workshop, where you create your own, unique Amazing You vision board! Let your creativity flow, while envisioning what brings you joy, what makes you uniquely you, and what your strengths and interests are to create your own Amazing You Vision Board!  

Ages: 5 - 15, Length: 1.5 hrs 



Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors
Sleep & Relaxation
Woman Sleeping
Exercise & Movement
Running Shoes
Chicken and Vegetable Salad
Stressed Man
Relationships & Community
Three Friends Laughing