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Areas of Focus
  • Asking key questions to uncover root causes

  • ​Detailed health histories (FM timeline & matrix)

  • Bredesen Protocol education

  • PreCODE and ReCODE report education

  • Functional Medicine food plan education

  • SMART goal development & tracking

  • Modifiable lifestyle factor education

  • Strengths-based coaching

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Reversing cognitive decline & optimal aging 




What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching? 

Health Coaching that takes a holistic, person-centered approach, blending the science-based principles of Functional Medicine, nutrition, mind-body medicine and positive psychology with the art of coaching to empower people to achieve their highest well-being.


What can you expect?

Health coaching tailored to your health goals. For example:

  • Health coaching support that empowers you to achieve your health goals

  • Health coaching support that empowers you to achieve physician prescribed health goals/lifestyle changes

  • PreCODE and ReCODE report & Bredesen Protocol Education

  • Functional Medicine Food Plan education

  • Strengths based health coaching (VIA Survey Character Strengths identification and applied positive psychology)

  • Health coaching support that empowers you to set and achieve SMART goals!

  • Education about strategies to enhance modifiable lifestyle factors (Sleep & Relaxation, Exercise & Movement, Food & Nutrition, Stress & Relationships, and Environment)



And start achieving your personal health goals!
Ready to start living your best life?
Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors
Sleep & Relaxation
Woman Sleeping
Exercise & Movement
Running Shoes
Chicken and Vegetable Salad
Stressed Man
Relationships & Community
Three Friends Laughing
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