Health Coaching Services



1:1 Coaching • Online Curriculum • Science Based

12 month Journey 2 HEALTH program educates, empowers, and inspires you to create positive, lasting change in your life.


Bredesen ReCODE Protocol Coaching Packages

  • BRONZE Package- 5 Bredesen ReCODE/ReVERSE coaching sessions

  • SILVER Package- 5 Bredesen ReCODE/ReVERSE coaching sessions & 3 months ReCODE report updates

  • GOLD Package- 11 Bredesen ReCODE/ReVERSE coaching sessions & 3 months ReCODE report updates

  • ReCODE report - (one-time update) 

  • ReCODE report data management hourly fee

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 - Bredesen ReCODE/ReVERSE coaching packages

 - Qualified ReCODE Report Practitioner™ support