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Steps to Get Started 

Take Action

  • Take 10 minute Health Assessment to find out your Health Score

  • Select best date/time to meet with Mandy to review your Health Score

Take Action

  • Book your Free introductory coaching call with Mandy Tumulty, (FMCHC & NBC-HWC) 

  • Review your Free Health Score with Mandy

And Enjoy...

  •  Personal Health Score

  • Free introductory coaching call with Mandy Tumulty, (FMCHC & NBC-HWC

Take Action

  • Discuss your current health and wellness drivers/needs

  • Discuss your wellness goals

  • Discuss coaching support options




And Enjoy...

  • Full attention of coach focused on your health story & wellness goals 

  • Your Personal Strengths (VIA survey)

  • Wheel of Life

  • Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) support materials relevant to coaching session (tools, job aids, FM food plans

Take Action

  • Collaboratively, review detailed health history and health story

  • Discuss key motivating factors and strengths



And Enjoy...

  • Personal FM timeline

  • Detailed health history report

Take Action

  • Review detailed health history

  • Co-create wellness goals and targets






And Enjoy...

  • Collaboratively developed SMART wellness goals

  • Monitoring progress towards wellness goals  

Take Action

  • Select and sign-up for the coaching support package that fits your wellness needs

  • Implement actions to achieve wellness goals


And Enjoy...

  • One-on-one Functional Medicine Health Coaching 

  • Monitoring/tracking quarterly Health Assessments results and progress towards wellness goals

  • Over-time quarterly health assessment report

Step 1

Take Free Online Health Assessment 


Step 2

Book & Attend Free Intro Coaching Call


Step 3

Schedule Initial Coaching Consultation 


Step 4

Review Health History 



Step 5


Wellness Goals & Targets

Step 6

Take Ongoing Action Toward

Wellness Goals


Ready to start living your best life?
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